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Echo Creek Riding Academy
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:: About Ginny

Ginny Rollins
Ginny Rollins grew up riding on her family's farm, Echo Creek Farm, in Virginia. When she started her own business in 1994, the choice of the new farm name was obvious: Echo Creek Riding Academy. Ginny and her husband, Rob Millet, moved the business to its current facility in 2002.

Ginny graduated from Duke University in 1991. During her years at Duke, she was an active member of the Duke University Equestrian Team (DUET) including being the President of DUET for 2 years. She competed in IHSA during these years.

At the end of her senior year at Duke she was awarded the Gorter Award for excellence in dedication to her club.

After College
Upon completion of her college years, Ginny went on a very intensive work-study program in England. Upon completion of her studies she received her British Horse Society Certification for Teaching and Riding.

Once back at home she found the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA), which certifies Riding Instructors in the United States. She has been a certified riding instructor since 1995. She is certified as a Level III riding instructor and keeps her certifications current.

Ginny is always looking for new opportunities to improve herself as an instructor and a rider. She continues to take clinics, seminars and lessons on riding and teaching and other subjects that will add to her knowledge of teaching and riding. She has also been certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

University Equestrian Coach
Ginny is in the unique position of being the established coach for both the Duke University Equestrian Team and for the UNC at Chapel Hill Equestrian Team. The teams compete all academic year in Region 3 Zone 4 of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Ginny also teaches the Duke University PE class for Equitation and Horseback Riding.

Ginny teaches riders good solid riding basics with an emphasis on equitation (form) on the flat and over fences, and also with a strong emphasis on a balanced and safe rider and horse. Students who ride with Ginny are able to do many things with their skills: hunter, equitation, jumpers, lower level dressage, foxhunting, trail riding and cross country riding.


About Rob Millet

Rob MilletGinny’s husband, Rob Millet manages the farm at Echo Creek. He divides his time between his medical practice, hunting with hounds and taking care of the land and equipment at Echo Creek.

He received his MD Degree from Louisiana State University in New Orleans and completed his residency in Psychiatry at Duke University. He practices both in Pinehurst, NC and Hillsborough, NC.

He spends most of his free time hunting with hounds, foxhunting on horseback and rabbit hunting on foot with Beagles. He is active with the local foxhound pact, Red Mountain Hounds in Rougemont, NC, where he serves as a whipper.

Rob is Master and Huntsman of his own traditional (no guns) Beagle pack, the Echo Creek Beagles.
He and Ginny look forward to introducing Echo Creek students to foxhunting.


About Mary Hunter

Mary HunterJoining our family in 2003 was Mary Hunter Millet. You will see her supervising us in our daily chores of taking care of horses, dogs, the land and the equipment.













About the Dogs

Echo Creek Retrievers -- Dogs you CAN live withIn addition to all the horses are our dogs, Echo Creek Jacks, Cricket and Scout. They will greet you with big smiles and then jump into your lap.

If you have visited Echo Creek you have probably met our family of Labrador Retrievers. Our calm, friendly, easy-to-train Labs are the result of over 20 years of training and breeding experience. We are not commercial breeders but have one or two litters of puppies a year to keep our bloodlines going.

Please make an appointment for your orientation visit by calling 919-732-5106 or emailing .