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Echo Creek Riding Academy
4020 NC Hwy 57
Hillsborough, NC 27278

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:: For Riders of All Ages

Echo Creek CampsEcho Creek Riding Academy offers all kinds of camps for horse lovers and riders of all ages and levels. Camps offered include summer, holiday, mini camps, adult, and little legs.
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Camp Focus...
Fun and safe riding and horsemanship is the primary camp focus.

Many life lessons are learned by working with and riding horses. For example, communications skills with the horse and other riders, responsibility for taking care of the horse you love, and commitment to doing the best you can for the horse and yourself.

What to Expect...
Each camper will be assigned his/her “own” horse for the course of the camp. Working together, the camper and his/her mount will become a team by concentrating on the skills of riding. The rider will also be encouraged to understand what his/her horse is thinking and feeling. The goal is to better understand and communicate with your equine partner, so that both horse and rider enjoy their riding time together.

In addition to the joys of riding a horse of his/her "own", the camper will learn the responsibility and work involved with properly caring for a horse. After the morning lesson, the campers take care of his/her horse. Excellent care of the horses and the equipment is expected of our campers.

After the lesson is lunch and a relaxation time. Following lunch is a theory, practical or project session to introduce campers to various aspects of horse care, breeds, and riding styles, etc.. Complexity of information presented will vary with the skill level and ages of each session.

In order to insure quality instruction, we keep our camper-to-instructor ratio low. Please register early to reserve your camper’s space in the Echo Creek Riding Camp Experience.

For Costs and Available dates, please
call 919-732-5106 or email .

About the Camps

Camp Echo CreekSummer Day Camps for Beginner-Advanced Plus are week-long sessions with hours from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm. An extended day option is available for a second riding time per day.

Little Legs Camps are designed for the very young rider. Typical age is 4 to 7. The camp is a shortened version of the summer day camp. The objective is to introduce the younger rider to the joy of horses in a safe, fun environment.

Clinic Camps and Adventure Camps are camps which may include different instructors, massage lessons, breaking and training sessions, lunging lessons, cross country, etc. Spaces are very limited and cost may vary.

Adult Camps are for the adults who want the intense camp experience. The camp may last from one to five days. The times adjusted to suit the adults’ schedules.

For Costs and Available dates, please call 919-732-5106 or email .



Echo Creek RidingBeginners are campers who have no or very little experience or who have only progressed to the trot. Riders will concentrate on learning the correct position and skills necessary to be a balanced and secure rider.

Advanced Beginners are working towards cantering and small fences.

Novice riders are comfortable with the walk, trot, and canter and have not jumped or have jumped very small fences. Riders will improve their basic riding skills and will concentrate on cantering, performing school movements, and jumping basics.

Intermediate riders are comfortable with walk, trot and canter. Riders are jumping a course of 6 to 8 2'6" fences. We will continue to build on the riders’ skills and adding the finer point of riding.

Advanced riders are comfortable with the walk, trot, canter and jumping 2’6” 3' + courses. We will concentrate on the hows and whys of riding including flying changes, and small outside courses.

Advanced Plus riders are working on jumping 3' - 3'6" ’+ courses, difficult turns, and outside courses.