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Echo Creek Riding Academy
4020 NC Hwy 57
Hillsborough, NC 27278

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Visits are by appointment only!



:: At Echo Creek Riding Academy

Riding Workshops are special sessions on designated topics. The workshops will help riders increase their knowledge, skills and understanding on select topics.

Workshops are opened to all riders, but pre-registration is required.

Workshop Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Transitions
  • Rein Aids
  • Lateral Work
  • Position Awareness
  • Position Video Analysis
  • Natural Aids
  • Jumping Basics
  • Grid Work
  • Cavalettis
  • Ride Work – used for foxhunting
  • "On the Bit"
  • Massage Basics
  • Rider Strength and Flexibility Training
  • Lunging the horse
  • Lunging the rider
  • Grooming and Clipping
  • Judging
  • Horse and Rider safety in the barn, in the ring, and outside the ring

Riding Clinics are similar to the riding workshops, but are hosted at another barn.