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:: Foxhunting


Hunters and hounds prepare for the hunt Both Rob and Ginny are avid foxhunters and are members of the local hunt, Red Mountain Foxhounds.

To Rob and Ginny following hounds is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.

Rob is an expert on hounds and hunting. He spends four or more days a week hunting with foxhounds or with beagles. Ginny is an avid horsewoman and riding instructor who works daily with horses and riders.

Whether you hunt to ride (Ginny) or ride to hunt (Rob) you will need to master hunt seat equitation. Hunt seat didn't start in the show ring, but in the hunt field. For the safety of horse and rider when traveling over hunting terrain and obstacles in your way you need to follow your horse fluidly, efficiently and in good form.

Riding lessons skills and knowledge transfer into the hunt field. A rider must have a balanced and strong position to control their mount during the hunt. All your riding aids and skills are used to negotiate the changing terrain and the fences which arise when galloping to hounds. Undeniably, foxhunting is a risk sport, but riding well increases your ability to ride with confidence and courage, and it dramatically reduces your chance of injury.

Many horses are called upon to hunt. Few actually succeed. At Echo Creek our hunt horses are the result of an arduous selection process. Our hunt horses are also our school horses. There are many exercises done in the ring to prepare you for hunting including working in a ride (each rider follows the next through all the paces in complete control and with equal spacing) and jumping coups, gates and logs.

A pack of hounds in full cry is one of the most spectacular sounds in nature and to follow those hounds on horseback is a thrill that few people get to experience. The opportunity to be one of these few riders is available to Echo Creek’s more advanced students.

Rob and Ginny look forward to sharing their passion for foxhunting with you.